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Learn to connect with your animals and create a bond based on understanding, respect, and trust.

As an empowered animal owner you have the opportunity to utilize the deep bond you share with your animals. The more you feed it, the stronger it grows. You can read your animals, understand them, and make decisions that feel good for both of you. You acknowledge the power of your thoughts, environmental influences, and other factors involved in creating optimal health and energetic balance. You’re able to decide which tools to use based on wisdom, feel, and experience.

You’ve kicked fear to the curb and you’re learning about how to be a better steward of your animals. You’ve got excellent intuition and you’re growing more confident using it with every choice you make on your animal’s behalf.

You’re honored to be your animal’s advocate. As someone who values the life of their animal as much as their own, you understand the possibility that your animal could be your greatest teacher. With an eagerness to learn from them, you’re willing to allow them to show you what works. There’s simply no better way to see the truth and to nourish your connection to them than seeing the world through their eyes.

I welcome you into my world, where animals are the professors and we choose to learn from our experiences with them. Realizing that your tools are all around you and inside of you, a feeling of peace rushes over you. Choosing to access these opens a world of possibilities. Come with me as I share experiences with you so that you can make better choices for you and your animal family.

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About Lizzy Meyer

I founded Whole Horse Consulting to decrease stress and increase the level of respect and consciousness that horses receive.

I’m an equine professional, a veterinary technician, and biologist. I have tremendous compassion for teaching people about how to better meet the needs of their animals.

Helping people to trust their intuition, learn to problem solve, become their horses’ advocates, and provide holistic horse care education is my mission. I create positive changes for horses and passionately empowers everyone involved in their care.

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Client Experiences

I experienced a recent crisis where I was severely stressed and this anxiety was affecting my cat. My situation made it difficult for me to care for my feline as I normally do but Lizzy was so supportive and comforted me through the ordeal. She promptly responded to my e-mails and went into great depth answering my queries. She was right there when I needed her. I am confident in her expertise and am indebted to her compassion. One can rest assured that their animal is in trustworthy hands with …
Dee Henneke

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Honoring Pancho.

The place reminded me of a used car lot. Horses of all makes, models and sizes mulled around the dirt pen.  Long and lanky generic looking sorrel cow ponies blended with horses of every color.  Lean mustang-like horses had long fallow mane and hips that peeked from taut hide.  Their lineage was anyone's guess and their stories … Read More...

Horse Healing from Elto

Elto is my wise man of sorts who has taught me so much about healing! He's a 26 year young Nevada mustang who has been in my life as an extraordinary teacher since 2004.  He's earned "Master Teacher" status in my book! The biggest gift Elto has shared with me this far has been about perspective. He's changed how I see things with regards to … Read More...

Cooling the Hot Horse.

Cooling Summer Mash for Hot-Blooded Memphis Memphis is one of those hot horses with thin skin and a reactive brain.  I mean that without any judgment.  Being equal parts Holsteiner and Thoroughbred means that he's wired for work; even when he can't do it. The wings on his hooves haven't stopped flapping since he retired as an ex-jumper who has … Read More...