About Lizzy

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You’ve probably found my site because you’re interested in a deeper connection with your animals. You listen to your intuition most of the time and you know your animals inside and out. You wonder what else you could do to deepen the bond between you and your horse because you’re always seeking a better way to feel and relate with these sentient beings.

You might be here for less romantic reasons. You’ve got a problem that you need to solve and you’re feeling overwhelmed. You want to stop giving your power away to everyone else who has a better idea. Relationship, management, nutrition, holistic husbandry, training, and advocating for your horse are all areas where this irritating little problem might live, even just under the surface. I’ll help you find it and figure out options that work for you and your horse.

Thanks to your horse and the hoops you’ve already jumped through, you see that he’s more than a horse. He’s not just something to ride. He’s a teacher, healer, and guide. It all sounds great, but you’re wondering how to reduce the not only your stress but your horse’s.

You’re too close to the problem. What you do know is you’ve got a strong bond with your horse and that’s your foundation. You’ve got a great vet and team of professionals to help you. But you’ve tried everything and you really feel like you could do better. What you need is a guide who helps you learn to make great decisions for both you and your horse, without fear.

That’s what I do! I’ve chosen to apply gifts that I’ve been blessed with to my scientific mind. In the driver’s seat is pure intuition with a lifetime of experience with animals. I’m one of those practical people who loves helping people to solve their problems with animals.

For the sake of formalities, I’ve been in the veterinary field since age twelve and with animals my whole life. I’m a veterinary technician with a 2011 Associates’s degree in Veterinary Technology and forever a science nerd with a 2003 Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Sweet Briar College.

Careers that have included animals as teachers for me have been: as a stable manager, a holistic animal educator, a healer, an animal rehabber, and caregiver to seven species of animals.

The common link between everything I’ve practiced and learned with animals is about the bond. It creates opportunities for healing, for options, and for clarity. There’s nothing more inspiring to me than to watch someone connect with their horse and learn to make decisions from a place of power and inner-knowing.

The bond you share with your animals is the foundation of healing, training, husbandry, and communication. Maybe you’ve seen it in others but not yet in yourself. Or, you wish you could make decisions from that quiet place of “knowing” instead of going into your head all the time. You want to learn to be more emotionally nimble with your animals and you see them as your teachers.

The idea of connection feels elusive without a method to neatly package it up for sale. It escape us when we need it most. I’ll help you learn it in a way that is based on feel and inner knowing. You get to learn what tools work best for you.

Once you know how to connect, you can make decisions for your animals from a place of power and wisdom. Gone are the days when you felt disempowered by handing your animal problems over to the “experts.” Why not learn to work with your animals and sense what’s going on and use that information to make better decisions for your animals?