About Mariposa Ranch

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Welcome to Mariposa Ranch!

mariposa-dogThis is the home of Whole Horse Consulting among the Junipers and Oaks of the Texas Hill Country. I invite you to join me and my family of teaching animals: a naturally kept herd of five equines, goats, dogs, chickens, and a solo cat. Here, they share their wisdom with our guest participants who come to learn about the following:

  • holistic animal care
  • whole food, species-appropriate nutrition
  • building deep relationships with animals
  • energetic techniques to benefit you, your animals, and your environment
  • animal first aid skills
  • holistic first aid kit building
  • making herbal preparations for animals
  • confidence building techniques to work with horses in herds at liberty
  • being with horses in new ways
  • working with your vet/equine professional as your animal’s advocate

mariposa-horsesThe animals here live in a way that supports their nature while still in captivity. Everything at Mariposa Ranch is intended to be in the Highest Good of all animals. They’re encourage to live as natural of a lifestyle as possible, while influencing people to see them as sentient beings, able to teach and share wisdom.

The animals are the ultimate teachers for everyone that visits. Their peaceful presence helps guest participants to learn how to connect with animals on a deeper level with a greater sense of awareness and compassion. With an enriched consciousness towards their existing skill sets; participants find they are more in tune with the needs of their animals, themselves, and their environment. From this frame of mind, they are able to be confident, practical, respectful, and empathetic stewards of their own animals.

For those interested in learning a different way of being in relationship with their animals, while expanding your education, this is the perfect place to come and spend a few days. All learning is 100% hands-on and completely customized. Participants leave with exactly what they need for their animals at home.

The ranch is an easy, forty-five minute drive from the San Antonio Airport. Within just a few minutes of the Ranch, there are several bed and breakfasts that host Mariposa Ranch guest participants. There, you’ll have a comfortable place to spend your evenings recharging for your full days of experiential learning.

If you’re interested in an experience at Mariposa Ranch, please contact me and I will reply within twenty-four hours.