What is a healer?

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Natural forces within us are the healers of disease.”

~ Hippocrates

I am NOT a healer!

It’s my own festering wound to lick.  With the intention of mending this once and for all, I’m addressing the horse on the porch.

The common assumption among the general population is that a healer does the healing for someone else.

As defined by The Oxford Dictionary, a healer is:  “A person who claims to be able to cure a disease or injury using special powers.”  It seems this healer must be incredibly powerful to preform that sort of magic for someone else! The idea makes my hackles go up; we are not independently this powerful.

I define my role in healing as the facilitator.

I’m a conduit or a “hollow bone” hosting the energy from Source.  Energy flows through my body and into the recipient where it serves as fuel to stoke their own healing process.  The facilitator serves as a sort of midwife as the recipient does the actual healing work.

The recipient grants permission to the facilitator to support the process.  Everything is intended to be in the Highest Good of all involved, without attachment to the outcome. Each facilitator has different tools and specialties as well as wisdom-bases.

My job includes: sensing the vital force of the recipient, asking permission to assist, setting and maintaining a safe energetic space, inviting Source energy to flow through me for the Highest Good of all, using vibrational tools (like drums, tuning forks, other instruments) to serve the healing process, balancing energy, raising vibration, and closing the space.

Here’s a vitally important phrase: “The recipient is the healer!”

I gained this concept while apprenticing with holistic veterinarian, Dr. Heather Mack, thirteen years ago. I recall the discomfort of completely uprooting my thoughts about healing.  Realizing now that Heather was a key player at precisely the right time gives me chills.  It’s hard to thank a teacher too often and it’s never too late.

At twenty-three, I was a pin-feathered fledgling tip-toeing in the deep forest looking for bread crumbs.  Heather swooped me up and helped me sprout my flight feathers on the wings that’d carry me into my true calling.  I had no idea at the time and only felt the challenges as they constantly stubbed my toes.

Watching horses heal under her hands gave me a generous reference point as to what was possible.  The horses were doing the healing.  She consistently “showed up” completely grounded, focused, totally present and took impeccable care of herself as a conduit.  Her tools were always primed and she offered her best to each horse.

Bottom line: the horses were the healers.  

I’ll illustrate the terms healer and facilitator by sharing Sage’s story.  He’s the epitome of a healer.

Hop on the fast track four years back with me and meet Sage, the miniature red mule who I’m just getting to know.  A less than wise moment results in a kick to his head by a drafty pasture-mate, four times his size.  My dear friend Bev and I happen to notice the distant red heap planted lifelessly into the earth.  We’re both in shock as we dash to Sage’s side.  He’s been down at least ten minutes.  

We prepare ourselves for what looks to be a dead mule.  Herd members snort and spook as they take turns sniffing the limp body.  Horses sometimes respond to a deceased herd-mate like this.

Truth be told.

Sage’s right eye eerily stares into the glaring mid-day Texas sun. His turgid glassy-looking cornea doesn’t respond to the touch of my right index finger. He’s supposed to blink.  His rib cage occasionally raises as much as a fairy’s breath. With a pulse as thin as a fly-fishing leader, Sage is negotiating entry at the Pearly Gates with his already white gums.

A half-inch long graze of a wound is half-way between the edge of the corner of his right eye and the knobby joint just below his ear.   A firm swelling rears its head head from the thin-boned area.  Beyond the thickness of a tulle veil, the angels pant down my neck. 

Heaven is very near for Long Ears. 

I call in MAJOR guidance and accept that Sage is making his exit. The vet can’t get here fast enough to put him down.  A breath from death, my rational mind says there’s no way he’ll recover and to let him go.

Bev stands silently behind us with her arms outstretched, palms up. She’s doing a fine job, quite literally holding space in every possible way.  Grateful for her support, I feel less alone.   Assuming he’s dying feels like a pound of ice in my stomach.

A better-feeling thought leaps into my lap.  Could I support him?  Could I assume nothing, ignore my scientific side, ditch the vet tech in me and completely detach?  Taking a one minute dash to the barn, I grab a couple of remedies and I ground myself with each stride towards Sage.

Tossing a dose of Arnica 1M on both of our gums with a swig of Rescue Remedy sets the stage for whatever is about to happen.  Guidance came in the form of a voice: “GET TO WORK! YOU DON’T HAVE MUCH TIME!”  

We’re both breathless; one more than another.

Summoning Sage’s inner healer is a 911 wake-up call!  His innate wisdom knows far more than I do. Offering energy from Source, Sage sucks it up as fast as it flows through my hot hands. I feel a big ball of a bouncy warmth in my palms.  Sage’s vital force is alive! Yes!

The swelling between his eye and ear is like a bulging hot lemon.  Sage uses the energy to tame the chaos around his brain, melting it like butter. Dripping nourishment on the surrounding tissues gets the process started.

As if someone is holding my hands, I brush the shape of a bubble around Sage.  I see it as a tight container splinting his life force as his cells repair. 

Everything in me completely believes Sage is capable of healing.

Visualizing a “blueprint for perfect health,” in the words of Dr. Heather Mack are flashing in bold text. I remind Sage that it’s his choice to step into this option. If he gives me permission, I’ll use my tools to support him as he does the work.  My gut feeling says give me a gre.   

Onward and upward!

I paint the picture of his body returning to homeostasis. He repairs the bleeding in his brain.  His heart beats with evermore increasing force.  His lungs remember how to draw life inward.

Like marching orders married to a mantra, my guidance repeats: “Support him, keep the energy flowing from Source, stay receptive, keep your connection, hold the space, meet his vibration, stay with him, show him health, remind him of his spark.”

Hang in there Sage.

Clearing the energy around his head reveals an arterial bleed, visible in my mind’s eye.  Imagining hands suturing the torn vessel together with golden thread, Sage stops the bleeding.

His brain is surrounded with swelling.  He’s literally between the worlds as his glassy bulging eyes stare; one looking into the grass and the other through the blue sky. Still no blinking.

Pulling the energy of the fluid downward from his head to his heart, his circulation improves and his eyes are less turgid with pressure.  Slightly pink gums peek out when I lift his lip.

He’s taking shallow breaths, moving his ribs about half-inch high. This goes on for at least thirty minutes while the rest of him is completely unresponsive.  Continuing to clear his energy field and provide nourishment for his vital force, I sit at his side with my hands on his heart.  While he’s on energetic life-support he’s doing massive healing.


Consuming a deeply nourishing breath, he captures a rhythm. He’s blinking! Tears run down my sweaty cheeks as he lifts his head. Supporting his heart energy with green light, his pulse pounds my fingertips with a high-five!

Regular respiration takes over and Sage props himself up. The swelling is shrinking on the right side of his head.  Staring at each other for at least ten minutes, we’re both stunned.

He pops up effortlessly and takes a walk.  A full body shake clears his trauma.  Gulping down water and eating hay, Sage joins the herd.  Bev and I sit under a grove of trees in shock. 

Minus a tiny nick and small bruise at the kick site, he’s fine.  A few more doses of Arnica over the next couple of days make me feel better. The vet only wanted to check him if he shows abnormal neurological symptoms.

Who’s the healer?

Sage! Do you see what’s possible when the healer gives the facilitator permission to actively support their process?  I am not in charge of how things turn out, nor do I have control over the process.  I follow Divine guidance, use my tools when they’re called for and serve as an active witness. 

What helps me most is the unflappable belief that any animal can step into a high vibration that supports their vital force.  I thank Sage for giving me permission to share his story.  Experiences like this give me a deeper reference point as to what is possible.  This gives my mind an invitation to stretch to the next level regardless of what things look like externally.

I’m deeply honored to have such animal teachers and healers in my life.  They give me the opportunity to serve and continue to inspire me.  If you’d like to learn more about working with your animals in this way, please send a note to: lizzy@wholehorseconsulting.com or leave a note in the comments section below. 

Restoring Connection

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Connection and disconnection is the foundation of the relationship with our horses. Few things feel better than a horse-human bond which is absolutely synchronized, when you both can read each other’s minds and body language. This bond is the lifeblood behind every aspect of our partnership with horses.  It’s what inspires us and motivates to progress through the inevitable challenges.

A disconnection provides an uncomfortable contrast. Did I do something “wrong”? Maybe the horse is having a bad day or we’re not in tune with ourselves. It’s nothing personal and horses are forgiving.

But something juicy lurks in the space between a connected time and a disconnection; the phase during actively seeking re-connection.  Patience yields clarity and fertile ground.  Disconnections become opportunities for growth, although it won’t feel that way at the time.

I’ve recently gone though a disconnection with Maestro.  He is a horse who OWNS his human, and in the best of ways.  Some might call him demanding, but I know him as my true love.  For six years, Maestro has been my equal and my teacher.  You can imagine how confused and sad I’ve been feeling since our bond dismantled in progressively less-subtle ways over the last few months.  Something was underneath this feeling. Maestro was trying to communicate with me that something wasn’t right.

Rather suddenly, Maestro didn’t want to be groomed. He was grumpy.  He kept “asking” to work in-hand except shortly after starting the work, he’d shut down.  Learning the origin of this pattern is where the adventure started.

I started by trying to understand Maestro’s point of view.  I don’t believe in horses being labeled as stubborn, too smart, lazy, obstinate, or with training issues.  Neither do I believe in dominance or submission theories. I handle my herd differently by asking them, “show me your truth.”

Maestro did show me his symptoms, in high definition, in everything we did together. We’ve been practicing Connected Groundwork, a type of in-hand work designed to help build his core strength and self-carriage.  Recently, he was having trouble with his focus and he had little energy.  His back legs were like concrete.  He got frustrated and finally, we simply stopped trying.  Just asking Maestro to go forward felt heavy.  His eyes showed unhappiness. The tension around his nostrils and the wrinkles in his lips illustrated his discomfort.   Was I not being light enough?  Was my own self-carriage off? I checked every box and made sure I wasn’t creating an unwilling horse.  Maestro was always so willing.

I encouraged him to move forward in a variety of humane ways.  Treats didn’t work.

One step, lurch… one more step, stop…. bull doze forward, stop.  Both of us were discouraged. Thanking him for trying and putting him back in the pasture felt like a cop-out.  A vet friend of mine came out and watched him move, did an exam and took blood. Everything was normal.  She thought he looked great other than being out of condition and therefore lacking muscle. I talked with another vet about his symptoms and she said a similar thing.

But something was just not right. Maestro was still the herd leader, moving well, eating, drinking, eliminating normally, etc.  but he his fitness had been been diminishing ever so slightly for the past few months.  I just could not get muscle on him.  Maybe it was our low protein, albeit organic hay.  I supplemented with a higher protein grass hay and added additional alfalfa.  I increased his groceries and tweaked his vitamins/minerals.  I gave him a prebiotic liquid and aloe juice for good measure. Given his stress, he needed digestive tract support.  I couldn’t describe what I was seeing,  It was just a feeling I had;  something is not right.

I suspected my feeling was similar to a mother’s instinct about her child when something’s amiss but the doctor says “fine.”  I wanted to trust the vets, but Maestro was showing me otherwise, and I trusted him.

First, I removed the excuse, “he always does that” which gave me the freedom to see patterns and imbalances.  I went through old notes and interviewed his past owner.  I studied his veterinary records learned about his lineage.

Horses show us only to what depth we are able to see, if we are persistent and continue to listen.  Maestro magnified his symptoms and made sure I saw them.  The details became vivid, bold and highlighted.  I took notes and told him what I saw.  My list included: 1. not right since kidney colic 11 months ago 2. dislikes being groomed 3.muscle tension in back and hindquarters 4.stands camped out 5. muscle atrophy 6.depression 7. muscle tension worse with confinement  8. exercise intolerance 9. weakness in hind end 10. grumpiness 11. symptoms worse when fed too much starch.

Maestro was being crystal clear.  His voice came through his patterns. He looked at me when each symptom had been acknowledged.  The wrinkles in his eyelids, the way he held his head, the way he stood, the way he relieved himself, the way he ate and drank, the way he held his feet for trimming, all meant something.  Through the details, I saw his truth.

I didn’t have an answer but i had a lot of notes.  All I could do was continue to listen and learn. The vets and the blood work had said he was fine, after all.

“Hearing” Maestro made him peaceful and it relieved some of his symptoms.  He became more engaged and interactive during this process, which encouraged me to keep getting to the root of whatever this was. I thanked him for continuing to work with me and guide me through this maze.  My notes became voluminous as more questions popped up.  I promised  I’d keep digging.

Part Two; What does Maestro reveal?  What ended up helping him?  He is horse who is actively finding a way to help me understand his perspective. Clues are all along the way if only we take the time to observe and listen.

Do you have a similar story to share?  I’d love to hear it.  Please send an email to me at: Lizzy@wholehorseconsulting.com



The Guts of Connection (part two)

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The guts of connection.

Connection between human and horse is simple.  Together we have love, trust, and mutual respect for eachother.  I believe that each horse is perfectly healthy for their divine purpose.  When all of these aspects are bundled up, I call it acceptance.  It means I’m not trying to fix anything “wrong” with the horse.

Letting go of what I WANT the horse to be is therapeutic for the horse’s soul.  It dissolves stress for both of us.  Stepping back and receiving whatever medicine our horses offer us is is quite an experience.  Trying so hard to give them something we think they “need” quickly loses, by all comparison.  Staying in a receptive mode is the only way I’ve been able to work with horses and witness their healing and feel shifts in myself.

Let me take you though a sample of my routine.

It goes like this: observe horses from a distance, approach carefully with consideration to their personal space, stand back once our energetic space integrates, breathe with the horse, ask for permission to approach further and to be touched, ask how his day is going, see how his body feels, ask him what he’d like to do,  hang out in the pasture as he eats, maybe walk together.

Having no expectations of the horse is where the magic is!  I’m interested in what’s important to him.  This says to the horse, “I care about your world, help me learn about you!” Can you imagine what a great relationship this could be?

Learning to drop my own agenda was hard!

Every horse I’ve been given to work with has inadvertently suffered due to someone else’s goal. I hold no judgement or towards these people. In my heart, I know we are all doing our best.  Nevertheless, there’s always mental, emotional, energetic, and physical baggage to sift and sort.  It’s all the same. Being invited into the hearts of these horses has always meant doing the opposite of what others had already done.

Schooling and conditioning plans went out the window.  There was no structure.   All I could do was read the horse via their behavior, energy, and body language.  My ego was upset and my mind was flooded with doubt.

The horses became my structure and my guide.  I learned to be flexible and to carefully listen with my heart and hands.  The horses quickly confirmed we were on the right track. Their movement and expression gave me all the information I needed to move forward.

Being totally present with each horse and treating them as my equal gave me more results than any other thing.  I thank my mom for drilling, “Patience is a virtue” into me as a kid. Horse time is not linear!

Horses have always schooled me-not the other way around!

Loving every horse that was given to me as a “project,” I learned that investing time in forming a true friendship was our foundation.  I promised them that I’d not engage in any method that used fear, force, intimidation, or pressure.  Anything that took advantage of the horse’s flight mechanism was also off the docket. My intention was to be with horses who genuinely were my friends.

Blown away by the relationships they gave me, the healing events that I witnessed, and their willingness to teach, my whole perspective as an equine professional and lover of hoses changed. I was keenly interested in their perspective and in their world.

I gave up riding for years to learn more about their hearts, minds, bodies, and ability to connect in a variety of ways.

Forever a learning nerd, I experimented with different ideas and approaches.  The horse’s feedback gave me the ok to keep going on whatever track or re-direct my energies.  Surrendering has never felt so good.

Being a student of the horse became my life.  I asked them to teach me how to see from their perspective. I wanted to know what to do differently. It intrigued me to know if things were making sense to them.  And I received as much healing as they could give me without trying to heal them in return-unless they made it clear they needed help.

I began to get a body-sense of what connection with a horse felt like.

It was an unmistakably solid feeling in my solar plexus.  Nothing could push me away from that sensation because it was the truth and the most valuable guidance.  Seeing the peace in the horse’s eyes and relaxation in their body was all I needed.  Any iota of doubt meant to stop and check in with myself and the horse. There was a message.  Ignoring it NEVER served me or the horse well!

I help horse lovers to develop a sense of true connection with their horses.

The kind of relationship and friendship with horses that I am talking about is a feeling.  It can be taught!  It’s my heart’s delight to help other people obtain this sensation and deep knowingness of truth with their horse. Horses are asking us to see them not just as an equal, but as teachers, healers and guides.

It’s a sacred opportunity when a person is drawn into the inner world of the Horse.  It’s an equally deep chance for the horse to form a bond with a person. I’d love to hear your special stories of relating with your horses.  Reply in the comments section below and I’ll have part three of this series ready for you soon!


Connection is a Beautiful Thing!

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Describing the concept of connection with horses used to mystify me!

This “gift” of connection with horses is not something special that I have. Plenty of people have it!  It’s a marriage of skill and patience with lots of practice.  Horses and trusted mentors have helped me to develop this for as long as I can recall. Everyone has the capability to experience this.

Here are the things that have helped me in finding connection with myself and the horses in my life. 

1.) Having an honest and open heart with a quiet mind.

2.) Having the ability to see oneself as a part of the relationship.

3.) Having a willingness to be taught by the horse.

4.) Having the courage to drop one’s own agenda.

Let me take you back to 2000, when this all started for me. 

I was a Biology student at Sweet Briar College, when the Director of the Riding Program, Shelby French took me and a few other “Intro to Schooling Horses” students to the Parelli Natural Horsemanship Exhibition in Lexington, VA.  Mid-terms were in the air and I was a nerd.  Shelby assured me I *needed* to go-that it would be REALLY good for me.  I took my books and never opened them.

I saw horses doing things I’d never seen before and was stunned that there was a METHOD that I could learn! Shelby let me use all of her tools, videos, and pocket guides.  Endless hours of education went into studying all things related to equine behavior and training.

As a part of the horse re-training class, she assigned me project horses that were newly donated to the program.

I used Natural Horsemanship techniques with each one of them as they all had “issues.”  Even though I applied the techniques with great sensitivity and care, it didn’t feel complete.   Horses were able to work on a far more sensitive level, free of all pressure.  What that looked like was a mystery to me, but I could feel it was possible.  I continued to practice all things Horsemanship and worked through the levels with great empathy for the horse and with heart-centered communication.

During this time, Shelby gave me the freedom, support, and encouragement to study other methods and to experiment. She empowered me to find my own strength in order to continue when I felt like giving up, many times!  The only way I could move forward was to read the horse every step of the way and keep tuning into myself, sensing how we were both feeling.  The opinion the horse had of me was the MOST important thing.  If that was positive, then we were on the right track and we both felt great.

Although I am not a fan of any particular Natural Horsemanship technique, I’m grateful for the foundation that it gave me.

It was a stepping stone that helped me to see how horses think and what motivated them.  I approached the Dean’s Office with a comprehensive syllabus with the intention of creating an Independent Study course in Equine Psychology and Behavior! They approved it for full credit; a first for the College.

During the that time and throughout my college career, I applied various techniques to connect with my assigned “project” horses.  I wanted them all to enjoy the good life as a Sweet Briar school horse.  Many were able to join the ranks as incredible teachers with compassionate riders.  Others needed a different lifestyle and found suitable homes.

Through it all,  each horse taught me to see the world from their perspective.

They made what was important to them, clear. They showed me what made them tick.  They gave me insight into their world.  I felt their past and helped them to be in the present.  I gave them choices and witnessed incredible healing in both their minds and bodies. Each day, I saw them as my teachers.  Their lessons were medicine for my soul and encouragement to stay on this path, no matter how challenging.

My mind shifted from problem-solver to equine empath.  Every day, I asked each horse: “How can I help you?”  The next request was always “Show me what I need to learn.” In hindsight, the horses were helping me just as much as I was helping them, probably more.

Stay tuned for the next piece of how connection feels and what it looks like.

In the meantime, thanks for your curiosity and for having the desire to form a deeper bond with your horse!  There’s nothing more valuable or better-feeling.  I’d love to hear your own stories of connection.  You can reach me at: lizzy@wholehorseconsulting.com

My ideal clients are the ones their horse would choose as caregivers

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Let’s consider life through the eyes of most horses. You’re a thousand pound flight-oriented herd animal. You’re living in confinement with two-legged predators in charge of every aspect of your care. They’re nice to you, they feed you, turn you out, exercise you, and take care of you.

You want more though. You wonder if they’re interested in what makes you tick. Do they understand how you think and what you need on a deeper level?

Your ideal human is someone who appreciates you for being a horse and understands your nature. Everything you do is about keeping yourself sound and free of stress. Things that matter to you are eating, being at peace, and being in community. A bond with a special person would be wonderful. Then you’d really feel connected.

You’re seeking a human who understands your body language, who can read your stress before it’s high, and who feeds you real food without chemicals. She spends time with you in the pasture watching you graze and being a horse with your friends. You can hang out with her and just be in the same space without expectations. She’s open to those times when you sense something is going on with her. She even asks you for help, which you gladly give her.

She gives you her all. She tells you about her day and how she’s feeling. She makes sure your feet feel good, your mouth has no pain, that your food is healthy. You never run out of forage and you always live with other horses. She engages with you when you work together and shares her ideas with you. She’s giving you options in everything you do together and on decisions she needs to make. Maybe you’re sick or lame or are confused with something she calls “training” or “work.”

She takes the time to help you understand what to do. You’re realizing how much better you feel than with those other people because this person is not making you stressed. She’s not using anything to add pressure, pain, or discomfort. She’s really patient with you and asking for you to show her if it you understand.

When you’re hurt or sick, she stays calm and helps you get better. She always knows the right vet to call and talks to them in a way that makes you feel okay. She likes to use the natural things too and she makes smoothies for you to heal. Her hands know what to do when you feel stressed or sore. She’s at your side and only lets the good people into your world.

You love your person because she’s got your back. You get to be yourself and she totally understands you. She wants to learn everything she can to take care of you as a whole horse. Your emotions, stress, environment, food, lifestyle, work, and management matter. She is always learning and always trying to do better for you.

You realize that you are this person! Your horse will survive on less and certainly does not have expectations. You want your horse to thrive. That’s a big undertaking by yourself and you feel overwhelmed. You need a guide to shine the light and lead you to make balanced decisions for the best interest of your horse.

That’s why I’m here. Contact me at horsedogmeyer@gmail.com.

Equinistic Healing©

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Equinisity is defined by its creators, Liz Mitten Ryan and her herd as: “The gift of finding the unexpected yet truly meaningful perspective through the almost 360 degree vision of the equine.”

As an Equinisitic Healing Certified Practitioner, what I have learned in enabling horses to help people has been a very personal journey over the last two plus years, working within EAP/EAL. Given my lifetime of horse experience, this was a new concept for me and I too was skeptical. But, what I have learned has proven itself time and time again. There is no doubt that horses can see people in a very different way than we typically allow in our own minds.

When we can step back and look at what goes on between the interaction of human and horse, there are so many possibilities. I see a tremendous amount of trust and bonding that takes place between one’s herd and the participant. It becomes clear if the participant is open to feedback from the horses (more valuable than that of any human’s, in my opinion). Horses sense whether they are invited to approach and provide support to someone, or not. I have learned to trust the horses and their responses to people. As natural horseman Mark Rashid said, “Horses never lie.”

When practicing Equinistic Healing, the herd as a whole are given the opportunity to visit with the client at liberty. It is up to the facilitator to stay out of the way and simply observe the interface between client and herd. One horse may approach, but it could also be the entire group. I currently work with 9 equines including one donkey in my Equinisitic Healing work. I also work with a mental health professional during these sessions. There are many variations of how to do this work, but there are foundational components that must be addressed prior to this sort of work.

The herd must be balanced mentally, physically, socially, and have the appropriate environment that supports a free-range, natural lifestyle. The herd must be kept at liberty and given choices to work, eat, play, or rest. There are no bribes allowed and no halters involved.

Horses have the ability to sense where a person is out of balance in some way. It is up to the facilitator and the client to trust the innate wisdom of the horses and what they sense. We do not have to know what, exactly is going on in their interaction. Most importantly, in Equinisity, it is the facilitator’s responsibility to be open to the experience of having a horse “working” on or near the participant. It is beneficial for the participant to come to the session without expectations and only to have an open mind and heart.

The horses commonly scan the participants’ body using their noses. It does not matter whether the participant is standing, sitting in a chair, or laying on a specially made wooden healing table. It is the belief of Equinisity that horses process whatever is stuck whether it is trapped energy/pain or an emotion. They might lick and chew, rub their heads on something, lip clothing, nudge, or quietly relax often with their head resting somewhere on the participants body. As a herd they often gather in sacred geometric patterns, breaking and re-grouping as particular horses approach the person being treated. Somehow, they’re able to release whatever needs to leave and able to balance everything else. Members of the herd approach at close range or sometimes work from the end of the pasture.

The facilitator observes the body language of the entire herd during a session, especially being attentive to details within horses actively working. What exactly they are helping a person to sort out is not up to us to analyze, that is between the person and horse. The experiences from the work with horses can later be taken to the client’s mental health professional to help the client process. It is possible that the mental health practitioner is also trained in Equinisitic Healing which is a beautiful blend. There is no interpretation on the part of the facilitator and there is no psycho-analysis or verbal processing. The participant is encouraged to journal about their experience afterwards and should something come up, seek the advice of their mental health counselor. Often times, valuable information that was once buried, surfaces from the experience.

It has been the experience of Equinisity, it’s practitioners, and participants themselves, that horses only work on what the person is ready to address. Although the horses at necessary times might awaken painful experiences from the past, they do no more and no less than is necessary for healing. They do no more and no less and people leave these sessions feeling calm, grounded, and with a new sense of balance and clarity. If they are working with a mental health professional, horses are able to spur some vital feedback for those conversations. This often reveals a missing link in the participant’s mental health therapy.

Horses are amazing at helping us to realize our deepest and most sacred truths. Sometimes we get so busy in life that we mask what is really going on for the sake of staying comfortable in our beliefs or keeping up with the pressure from others or our own expectations to succeed. Horses see right through that and help us to acknowledge what is going on in our soul. They show us what needs to be addressed for our own personal evolution as an individual and our highest evolution as a species. It is the biggest gift a horse can give, to reflect to us the state of our heart, our truth and raise our vibration and consciousness to a place of wellness, wholeness, and peaceful clarity.

The feeling of being felt is a powerful one

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d6e566e4-f685-4fda-9141-5f59b22799d2Being “heard” feels good to every animal on the planet. To be with someone who is genuinely listening to you on all levels is one of life’s most meaningful experiences. In that moment, nothing else matters and someone else is putting energy into inquiring about YOU.

You matter.

Finding a way to create an invitation from your heart to another animal’s opens up honest communication from both parties. I’m thanking a mare named Lizzie who has reminded me of what it feels like to set up, to be invited within, and to heal through working with Sacred Space as a foundation.

In this space, I ask to genuinely connect with the horse in their own environment and then I ask to be shown the truth of the situation. Creating an open heart-space where the horse is safe, loved, acknowledged, heard, seen, and felt, is my intention.

There’s no judgment and no explanation needed. No special external environment is required. Sacred Space permeates everything around and within it when the intention is secured. There’s a feeling of reverence and a feeling of Divine support which deafens all external influences and invites focus, feel, timing, and intention.

The most amazing truth comes as a result of being heard and showing genuine interest in this other being, a horse. To honestly be able to say “How can I help?” and to hear the horse from a place in your heart is an invitation for healing on ALL levels.

I ask you to consider this: a predator (human), asking a prey animal (horse), “How can I help?” Imagine how that must feel. How much would you as the horse be comfortable showing this other species who is fundamentally different than you.

What are the things that might flow through your mind as if you were the horse, considering how this human is showing up to help you?

Honor? Intensity? Passionate plea? Ulterior motive? Am I now bait? Show my weakness? Do I trust them? Do I feel safe? Can I show the truth?

I invite you to consider what it’d be like to provide this space for yourself, your horses, and your own environment. What is your potential? What’s your horse’s potential? What would you do if your horse could show you the truth? What would that do for your relationship? Is there a possibility for something incredible to happen as a result?

You bet!

Thank you Lizzie for reminding me of what’s important in this work. I’m listening.

What is it that you do?

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6fe083c9-5683-4ffe-bd77-0a6ddfe3254a“So, Lizzy, what is it, exactly, that you do?” Answering their question makes me twitch with excitement! Each horse requires that I listen to them and create a tailor-made approach to assist them in their healing. Since I cannot predict what skills each consultation will entail, it’s hard to define my job description.

My life’s purpose is all about helping animals to heal and for their guardians to be actively involved in the process. To some, I’m a Horse Whisperer, a Horse Listener, a Horse Healer, an energy worker, an intuitive, an animal communicator, a problem solver, a vet tech, a holistic horse person, and a cross-species relationship translator. Yes, these are skills that I have, but none are singular descriptions for my work.

I’m grateful for the Swiss Army® knife-like versatility and abundance of tools in the “What Lizzy does” category. Sometimes I feel like MacGyver, using aluminum foil and chewing gum to fix everything. But when it’s not a simple case of problem-solving, I rely on Divine Guidance to show me the way.

While horses have unearthed the gifts that God has given me through many of their own “difficult cases,” they’ve also illuminated a trail of tasty bread crumbs that I’ve found irresistible. Incredible mentors, gifted healers, guides, animal teachers, as well as supportive people who have encouraged me to USE my gifts, have met me on my path of becoming a healer. In the process, I’ve learned to tap into Divine Guidance. I trust in a Higher Power that gives an animal the ability to to heal. It’s not something I can create by myself.

Curious about the horses’ perspective on my job description, I asked Horse Guidance (a term I use for the collective ancestral wisdom of horses). They shouted: “HEALER!”

Healer. It’s a word that I have danced around for years because the next association is: “Lizzy is a Healer!” {gasp.}

I believe there’s a common misconception about the word “healer.” Just thinking about it makes my shoulders roll forward and my neck aches with resistance. It implies that the person with the title of “healer” is doing the actual healing for/on someone else. Merriam Webster defines the word “healer” as “one that heals.” I cringe. That implies tremendous responsibility on the part of the healer to cure someone else’s problem. No thank you!

My working definition of “healing” includes asking permission for the animal to receive healing, creating Sacred Space in which healing can occur, being a conduit for Source energy to flow through, and intending for the Highest Good of all involved. It’s up to the animal to use the energy to do its’ own healing. I serve as a facilitator. In this process, I help the guardian to learn what her innate gifts are in regards to assisting her horse during their healing journey.

As passionate as I am about this topic, I’m discovering that I’ve been dodging 90% of my work! Working in the capacity of a healer is something that I’ve never tried to separate from my more concrete services. It’s a gift that I thank God for every day, but it’s not one I’ve talked much about in the past.

My toes are curling as I think about how I’ve not marketed healing facilitation as the core of my business. I hear a voice reminding me to be kind to myself. It’s easy to talk about standard topics such as: whole food nutrition, holistic horse care, hoof care, first aid, connecting with horses, rehabilitation, and understanding horse behavior.

Energy medicine and healing have always been my foundation. Thinking back, I’ve practiced these for the longest time and with the greatest passion, beginning as a child who didn’t know anything more than the healing power of love. I cared for naked orphaned sparrows around the clock and once strong enough, I helped them to fly. To this day, energy work fuels each tool in by toolbox for powerful healing to take place. The tools are limited in their capabilities when used alone.

Healing is what I have always retreated to when my tools didn’t work. There’s great power in offering a horse the option of being totally healthy. But I also honor a “no,” if the horse does not accept the offer. More times than not, they eagerly leap into the opportunity to be well and to teach me how to work.

Despite the many dogmas in healing, I focus on intention. Jock Ruddock, founder of The Equine Touch, taught me during the infancy of my healing path, “Intention overrides technique.”

As a part of creating an intention, I also create Sacred Space. This is the place that holds the possibility for the animal to heal. Even if odds are not in its’ favor, even if things look scary, even if science says “this is impossible.” Sacred Space fortifies the animals’ energy field and supports me in my connection to Mother Earth and to the Creator as a conduit. It is in this place that guidance from a Higher Power is invited. I see the animal as totally healthy and sound. I let the animal know that I believe they are capable of stepping into their blueprint for perfect health. I acknowledge what the “problem” is, but I focus on the balance and the health of the entire being.

My intention is for the Highest Good of all involved. I thank Mary Somano, a Healing Touch Practitioner, for drilling this concept into my head in 2004; the year I became conscious about energy work. Highest Good does not always mean that the individual becomes healthy or sound. It’s not for us to decide. Sometimes the animal uses the energy to pass. There are times that the greatest gift I can offer is being of service to a dying animal and being with their guardian.

The most difficult part of being a healer has been staying in my power and being neutral and unattached to the outcome. The need to DO SOMETHING can be compelling! To focus my energy, I find ways to provide support for the animal and their guardian. Together, we create an external and internal environment where the animal is as stress-free as possible. I ask the animal to show me how to help them and to see the bigger picture.

Let me tell you about Gaia, a dear friend who is a mustang mare in my “Counsel of Equines.” A veterinarian diagnosed her with cataracts in both eyes, when she was 9 years old. There was no medication or surgery that would cure them. I began to train her with voice cues to prepare her for blindness. Frustrated, I asked myself, “What if Gaia could heal her eyes?” My scientific mind said, “That’s impossible!” My gut and my heart said, “YES!”

When I presented the idea to Gaia about her eyes healing, she sighed and relaxed to indicate her permission. I cupped my hands over her eyes and visualized them as healthy. She dozed off in total peace. Days that I was not at the boarding stable, I visualized her eyes as being healed. In my creative mind, I saw a golden shield surrounding her eyes with lasers of green light infiltrating the tissues. According to my intuition, Gaia could see perfectly. I trained my mind to believe more than anything, that Gaia was in self-repair mode.

I doubted myself often, since it was exceedingly difficult for me to stay safe when she bolted out of sheer panic. I tried to avoid her triggers: shadows, contrasting light, uneven footing, and water. Was seeing was in her Highest Good? We had regular conversations when I reminded her of her options. She could be a blind horse or choose to be a horse who could see. I followed her lead and supported her vision. I gave her herbs and special foods known to heal the eyes and support her overall vitality. Most consistently though, I offered my hands and imaginations of a horse who could see.

A year later, her behavior sharply changed from spooky to confident through all of the things that had sent her into orbit in the past. A vet did a full ophthalmic exam in a dark room and even double checked, once I told her Gaia’s history.

Gaia’s cataracts were gone.

The vet hung onto the stocks and asked me how it was possible? I offered Gaia tools to heal her own eyes and I believed she could do it. She was allowed to heal. My role was that of a conduit, and I listened to her. I held the possibility of her eyes being perfect, even on days when it was hard to believe. Looking into her eyes, I am forever in awe of the powerful healer this horse has become. She has shown me as what is possible. Every day I look into her healthy eyes and am reminded.

Let me guide you down the path of healing with your animals. I’d love to assist you on your journey that you share with them. It’s an honor to be able to offer this service to my clients and I invite you to contact me for more information.

Please send me a note to: horsedogmeyer@gmail.com