Cooling the Hot Horse.

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Cooling Summer Mash for Hot-Blooded Memphis

Memphis is one of those hot horses with thin skin and a reactive brain.  I mean that without any judgment.  Being equal parts Holsteiner and Thoroughbred means that he’s wired for work; even when he can’t do it. The wings on his hooves haven’t stopped flapping since he retired as an ex-jumper who has continued to live on overdrive.

He shows his short fuse during the hottest part of summer.

He can be more reactive and at times, a bit cantankerous towards his herd. Confinement or a moment of not seeing his entire herd drive his internal heat into orbit.  The equation it takes for Memphis to go into zen mode is:  a cool breeze+darkness+quiet nights+living in a herd+cooling foods = calm horse.

Supporting him with cooling foods is something I CAN do! 

During moments of kitchen alchemy, I combine foods that are mineral-rich, grounding, earthy and mostly cooling.  The key players this time are: chia, kelp, rosehips, spirulina, blueberries, green cabbage, apple, Redmond salt and garlic (yes, it’s hot but he needs it for the bugs).

Stirring everything in to his hydrating base mix of soaked alfalfa and Renew Gold (copra+stabilized rice bran) makes my heart slow down and my cheeks stretch. My feet feel heavy and sink into the floor as I mix up his groceries.  It just feels good when the combination is right.

Click here to watch this video of Memphis enjoying his yummy mash.

He licks a clean track (over and over again) around his feed pan.

The foods create magic in Memphis’s belly and reset his thermostat.  Ultimately, it sends his nervous system on a vacation and puts him into the “zone.”  Good things happen there, like healing of mind/body/spirit.  He’s more tolerant of the heat and is able to relax. That means I can, too. By the way, the whole herd is in support of a well-balanced version of Memphis because it means less drama for them.

Feeling his velvety tongue lick my legs, his breath blowing on my hair and nuzzle painting my cheeks with garlicky smelling green slime feels great!   This is how he says we’ve got it just right. Watching him meander peacefully among the herd in turtle gear feels endlessly satisfying.  Seeing him move with more ease and confidence confirms the food combination is a keeper.

Mud is cooling, too. This was taken in the spring when he was already feeling too hot.

No time to concoct cooling combos? Do you need the “Easy Button?”

Here’s a whole food supplement specifically geared to cool your horse.  It can be fed dry as a topper on your horse’s normal feed.  Letting it soak for a few seconds in water makes it even better.  Just click here to get Cool Star EQ from Biostar US.

Let me know!

Do you feed your horses seasonally? What’s their favorite summer food?  Have you noticed they seem cooler with certain foods than others?  Please leave your comments in the section below if you’d like to share what cools down your horse.  Maybe your finding will help someone else with a hot horse!

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