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I have worked with Lizzy for over ten years. Her knowledge, experience and remarkable intuitive gifts have helped to unravel many puzzling and challenging health conditions in horses and dogs. She really practices mind/body/spirit into all her work with animals: a truly wholistic approach to animal wellness.

Tigger Montague

My re-entry into the horse world has taken me on a journey, that had I known 7 years ago, might have caused me to travel a different path. Having equine partners as a child was so much simpler. Mom was there to take care of the big stuff: what to feed them, vet and farrier care, and transportation. All I had to do was play with my ponies. I THOUGHT I knew what abyss I was stepping into when I started bringing horses back into my world. You can imagine my surprise at each discovery of things not being as easy as my childhood-self remembered.

The first challenge was the baggage I brought to the relationship. My career path did a great job of honing the Type-A traits in my personality. The second challenge, the equine partners that came into my life had no desire to be micromanaged. All this before we even talk about nutrition, vetting, and farrier work.

Fortunately for me, there have been many amazing people come into my circle to help me along the way. Lizzy Meyer is one of those people who has been a blessing on my journey.

One of my mares kept eating trees, and no matter what I adjusted in her diet, she continued to gain weight. She is the reason I reached out to Lizzy to begin with. Over the course of our relationship, Lizzy has not only been a tremendous guide in helping me find the balance each of my horses needs in their diets, but she has also opened the door for other possibilities. She was one of the first to discuss with me, in a way that made sense, the energy and intention we bring into a situation and the impact that can make. When I struggled with the concept of “healer” she offered a beautiful, and what I have found to be a true explanation- as guardian I can hold space and facilitate the discovery of whatever balance is needed by any of my furry family members. I offer, they have the choice to accept. Alternative medicine has been an interest of mine, but I found it to be overwhelming. Lizzy has done a great job of not giving me more than I can absorb at any one time. She also excels at offering resources for me to check into so that I may formulate my own conclusions and opinions. She has given me space to determine what will work for me in the role of guardian.

My pack, pride, herd and I will be forever grateful Lizzy became part of our circle. She has been and continues to be an incredible facilitator in not only seeing what is, but also the possibility of what can be.

Renee Adair

When I wanted to get my young cat, Phineus, onto a healthy raw food diet, my vet suggested that I consult with Lizzy Meyer. And I was very glad I did. Lizzy explained the pros and cons of the different commercial brands of raw food, even including drinks for cats such as fermented goat’s milk! But Phineus was not welcoming the raw foods I bought him. So I desperately called Lizzy again. This time, she explained how I could communicate with Phineus and ask him what he needed or wanted. It worked! I got the message that he liked to play with his food first, so I cut up small pieces of raw meat, coated them with nutritional yeast for extra B vitamins, and put one piece at a time in the bottom of a glass jar. Phineus loved trying to figure out how to get the meat out of the jar at first, then enjoyed sticking his paw into the jar, pulling out the food and eating it. Very soon after this addition to his diet, Phineus became calmer yet more playful, and his coat became full and silky. Thank you, Lizzy!

Tanya Harter Pierce
Alternative Non-Toxic Treatments That Work
Austin, Texas

exp-koehler“When I think of Lizzy Meyer, I think of of the words authentic, gifted and intelligent. Those are not just words but very descriptive words about who she is. I have learned so much from Lizzy; more than any of the EAP/EAL trainings I have ever attended! Lizzy offers so much more than a typical training. She offers herself. Her “biology brain” is gigantic and immensely helpful with many aspects of my practice and my horse but her INSIGHT and INTUITION is what I have found to be most beneficial. Lizzy encourages her students to push beyond biology and see what is so sacred about horses and our relationship with them. She describes what the horse is experiencing, moving far beyond horse or herd behavior. I have had the honor of working one-on-one with Lizzy in separate trainings and I use phone consultations on a regular basis. If you’re looking for new equine activities, then Lizzy is not the professional for you. If you want an in-depth and sacred experience at Mariposa Ranch and gain knowledge and emotion you didn’t even know you are capable of, then Whole Horse Consulting is your next step to becoming a fulfilled equine lover and equine-assisted professional.”

Karen T. Quinlisk, MA, LPC
EQUUS Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy
Golden, Colorado

“I would recommend Lizzy to anyone and everyone who is seeking help for their pet.  I experienced a recent crisis where I was severely stressed and this anxiety was affecting my cat.  My situation made it difficult for me to care for my feline as I normally do but Lizzy was so supportive and comforted me through the ordeal.  She promptly responded to my e-mails and went into great depth answering my queries.  She was right there when I needed her. I am confident in her expertise and am indebted to her compassion.  One can rest assured that their animal is in trustworthy hands with Lizzy.  Kudos to her!”

Dee Henneke

exp-kirkpatrick“Lizzy Meyer is a rare and gifted young woman who holds the missing piece to the balance puzzle regarding Equine Assisted Programs (healing, learning, wellness, therapy). Her intuitive communication skills will bring positive change to the way these programs are facilitated, around the world. The result will be ‘Balanced Holistic Wellness’ for both horse and client’, along with the therapists and facilitators who make these incredible opportunities possible.”

Jan Kirkpatrick
Calgary, Alberta

exp-ryan“Having witnessed Lizzy with my herd of warmbloods that run free on 320 acres, it is apparent that she is a gifted intuitive, in connection and communication with the herd. She understands and practices ‘Equinistic Healing’ with complete respect for horse wisdom and their innate ability to tune and raise vibration to the highest levels, helping humans reach the ultimate place of wellness, oneness and wholeness for themselves and the world. Lizzy is a great teacher and can translate her abilities to others who want to achieve the highest levels in Horse Therapy.”

Liz Mitten Ryan
Author, Facilitator of Equinisity Retreats
Kamloops, British Columbia

exp-fairchild“I see magic and miracles in the universe all the time. That ability to connect and look through each other’s eyes in the Animal Kingdom is a gift from long ago with Native Peoples. The horse, in a mystical and very real sense is a mirror of it’s partner. Lizzy is the shining light that illuminates the reflection. Her vast knowledge of technical, practical and energetic healing is excellent.


Jill Fairchild
Classical Trainer, Maui Horse Listener

exp-phillipson“First, and foremost, is that Lizzy walks her talk. The trust that she exhibited in waiting for a “lesson plan” on the way to the paddock is a great example of trusting the horses and their desire to work with us. Following your intuition there was a wonderful example for those not comfortable with that practice. From the exercises you gave us to do with the horses I took away some things I want to do with those who attend my retreats.”

Liz Phillipson
Arlington, Washington

“I walked away from the phone conversation with Lizzy and made a complete shift in my attitude towards Bella and I have not looked back or gone back to being that discouraged person trying to fix a broken horse. Bella is a very sensitive horse and picks up on every belief pattern and thought process that is going on around her. Lizzy’s work with the two of us gave us the support we needed at a critical turning point. We were both ready and just needed that confident and intuitive person to release us to where we wanted to go.”

Tara Stilwell

“Lizzy, I shall always be grateful for the time I spent with you and your wonderful herd and for the knowledge you all imparted in such a gentle, natural and fun way. I also appreciate the ability to learn from your emails and blog posts – you’re one amazing and talented woman!”

Much love and big hugs,
Karen Koehler

exp-lauren“I think the biggest gift you gave me the other day was helping me step back into my power in all this and find/start trusting my compass again.”

Lauren Saporito LPC

exp-angelaThe day I met Lizzy Meyer I knew I had stumbled upon someone truly special, but it wasn’t until later that I realize just how blessed I was to have her calm and reassuring presence in my life. I owned horses throughout my entire childhood and decided when I went to college to sell my horse. Later, in my early 30’s I knew it was time for me to bring horses back into my life. I was hesitant and gave into the fears at first…the questions of “how will I tend to them?”….”they cost so much money…”, etc., etc.

It was at the perfect time that I met Lizzy because she reassured me that if I released those fears and learned a few new natural ways to care for my horse, that it would be something quite simple and uncomplicated to do.

I am so grateful that I listened to her wisdom and trusted her, because for the past 3 years that I’ve owned my horse, I’ve been able to care for him and provide for him in simple and easy ways that I didn’t know of before I met Lizzy.

She has helped me through many things with my horse Takoda. A few of the things she has been so helpful with has been teaching me how to balance a horses energy field, her wisdom in guiding me in how to understand and trust my intuition with regard to his wants and needs has been irreplaceable.

Because of Lizzy’s gentle guidance, reassurance and insight; I have been able to keep my horse in optimal condition with the circumstances that I’m able to work with regarding his living conditions (that is another thing….she’s great with is adapting to what you have to work with versus changing too much and overwhelming you) and feel truly connected to him on all levels as a equine and an amazing partner in my life.

Both Takoda and I are forever grateful to Lizzy and her loving spirit.
Angela Hoover