Services I Offer

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Having a personal guide to help you navigate the many aspects of caring for horses can be not only enormously helpful but empowering.  Whether they share their life with you as members of the family, partners in equine therapy or competitive teammates, this is the service I offer.

You are in good hands working with me.

I am an educator about all things “horse”.  I’ve been in the veterinary field since age twelve, I’ve been with animals my whole life, I’ve obtained a Biology degree from Sweet Briar College in 2003.  I have experience managing stables, working in the equine assisted therapy field, holistically rehabilitating horses, feeding horses whole-food diets, trimming hooves, plus working with energetic modalities. I have a degree in Veterinary Technology from Front Range Community College, 2011.  I love what I do, I love to share what has worked for me through stories of my own animal teachers.

I can teach you about horse behavior, herd language, diet, lifestyle, environment, stress signals, emotional/social needs, energy techniques, physical evaluation and ways to nurture your connection to your horse.  Sometimes our horses are best helped when we allow them to help ourselves.

Wherever you are, on your path with horses, I will give you the individual time and attention needed to become educated, empowered, and tuned-in to both yourself and your horse.

Back to the basics

Going back to the basics is how to begin, which can be tough to do alone.  It helps to have a fellow horse person to guid you, one who can offer you perspective and provide a listening ear.  That’s my job.  It’s my passion!!

Gaining awareness and learning how to advocate for your horse is important in being well-informed and able to speak knowledgeably with you veterinarian, dentist, farrier/trimmer, bodyworker, trainer or stable manager.  I will offer opportunities to develop and trust your intuition and become comfortable with the tools which resonate specifically for you.

With this solid foundation of knowledge and intuitive connection, you will be able to make decisions from a point of strength.  Best of all you will have the ability to remove the stress from decision making.

If you are interested in learning more about for your unique situation, please send me an inquiry at  I  look forward to learning how I can help you and your equine partner.