Dog & Cat Services

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You’re already on some sort of naturally oriented path with the small (or not so small) animals in your family. You’re hungry for more and you want the very best and most practical education pertaining to holistic husbandry for your dogs and cats.

I’ll help you to learn practical skills and a way to connect with your animals to help them thrive. In addition, I’ll also teach you to make changes in their feeding, environment, and within your relationship.

The small animal world can be completely overwhelming when it comes to making choices that are sound as well as truly in your pet’s best interest.

Services include:

  • Deciding which diet is right for your animal: homemade, raw, or something pre-made.
  • Education and assistance calculating ratios and planning meals
  • Creative ways to source and shop for ingredients to use in your animals’ food
  • Removing the overwhelm when it comes to selecting supplements
  • Stocking your kitchen with helpful ingredients
  • First aid kit building and learning to take vital signs
  • Communicating with you veterinarian
  • Connecting with your pet in an energetic way, resulting in a stronger bond and clarity to make decisions.
  • Education about holistic pet care techniques and simple skills (like trimming nails) you can learn at home
  • Learning to be your animal’s advocate in any situation
  • Simple ways to always be prepared with your pets
  • Finding the right holistic vet for your needs

If you’re committed to helping your dog or cat live a life full of wellness, I’d love to help. The process of being a holistic pet owner can be overwhelming and time-consuming. If you’re ready to step into a realm of truly holistic education for your animals, without all the work, let me know by sending me a note to: