Farm Animal Services

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You’re raising chickens, goats, and other animals on your farm. You might need a fresh perspective or some suggestions to improve your husbandry and wellness practices. Most likely you want to keep your animals healthy and learn some basic health-supporting tools.

You’ve been doing your research and still, you feel unsure about certain management techniques and husbandry practices. You want to apply similar holistic concepts as you use with your small animals and horses. After all, these animals are a part of your family, too. They’re not “just” livestock or food animals. You respect them and want them to have the best life possible, whatever their purpose may be.

You’re the type who wants to be prepared and empowered to take the best care of your stock. You’re curious about simple ways to prevent illness and have a healthy production level at the same time.

With personal experience in the food-animal industry as well as owning livestock, I’ll help you learn from the mistakes I’ve made and what I’ve seen in the field. You’ll gain knowledge and learn to tap into your own wisdom, while making sound choices for all animals in your care.

Here’s how I can help:

  • selecting healthy and naturally-reared stock
  • working with herbs, remedies, and energetic techniques to maintain health
  • species-appropriate diet selection and options for sourcing
  • finding a good vet who will work with you and your livestock
  • first aid which is species-specific, including obtaining vital signs
  • building a holistic livestock library
  • learning to become your animals’ advocate with professionals you engage in their care

If you’re considering getting chickens, goats, or other farm animals, I’d love to be a part of your team. Please send an inquiry to me about how I can help to: