Horse Services

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You’re already on the path and holistic horse care isn’t new to you. You’ve got this natural horse care thing down pat. Well, maybe not quite. You’d like some additional education from someone who is practical and a good problem-solver.

You’re remembering a few niggling things that you’re wanting to do better and even more holistically. You’re tired of relying on other people for every little thing your horse needs. The idea of becoming a savvy empowered horse owner appeals to you.

Here are some common areas where I can help you and your horse:

  • Enhancing your relationship with your horse (without pressure, fear, motivation, or pain)
  • Connections with horses and how this applies to horse care
  • Equine energetics and how to assess your horse and his environment with greater sensitivity
  • Extensive holistic first aid and obtaining vital signs
  • Species-appropriate diet and how to source ingredients
  • Hay selection and education
  • Understanding balance between: feet, teeth, body, energy, and environment
  • Equine Assisted Therapy/Learning trainings regarding reducing stress in these horses
  • Healing with horses and assisting people to maintain balance of these horses
  • Optimizing equine environments for maximum psychological health and physical well-being
  • Education about essential oils, remedies, and basic herbs
  • Creating a sense of “feel” in everything you do with your horse
  • Becoming your horse’s advocate (useful for working with any healthcare provider or trainer)

If this interests you and you are committed to doing the very best for you and your horse, please send me an inquiry at: