How I Help Individual Horse Owners

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Individual horse owners benefit from working with me as an educator and as an objective fellow horse person.

During our appointments, I will listen to your concerns and observations you have about your horse. I will pay close attention to the description of your horse’s problems and the progress you’ve made while trying to resolve them with various approaches.

As I hear your horse’s story and current status, I employ my sense of intuition and my lifetime of experience with horses to find clues, giving us a place to start to explore.   My role is to connect the dots between you and your horse while helping you to shift your perspective.  You’ll see new options to solve problems with your horse.

My intention is to give you clarity so that you can make the best decision for your horse.

If you’re dealing with a physical veterinary issue, I can help you learn to maximize your experience with the vet of your choosing. I will help you sharpen your hands-on information gathering skills. Your horse will sense that you are listening to him in a different way.  Becoming better acquainted with your horse helps you to learn what’s normal and what’s not.

Your veterinarian will thank you. You’re taking the time to educate yourself about what’s going on with your horse to gain a full understanding of what your horse needs in order for him to heal in the best way possible.  With these skills, you’ll find a new sense of confidence when it comes to hands-on horse care and serving as an advocate for your horse.

The best part is that your horse feels relief!   He has finally been “heard” on a new level that he’s never experienced.  Imagine what kind of healing your horse can achieve when given that level of support?

You’ll feel a sense of comfort when you learn to trust your horse.

Looking to your horse and how you feel when making decisions involving their management, training, and care will never lead you astray.  When we look to others to make our decisions for us, we often find ourselves feeling disempowered by “giving our power away” to the experts.   I can help and support you to regain your sense of balance.  You’ll know you’re moving in the right direction when decisions come with ease and your horse genuinely chooses to be with you.

Let’s not forget external factors.

Looking at the environment where you keep your horse can yield valuable insight.  Intuiting if there’s an energetic component which is causing a you and your horse to feel out of balance is valuable and teachable.  Learning to assess, clear, and manage the energy of your horse’s living space can bring tremendous peace and a sense of empowerment. Making changes in his physical space and learning to be creative with whatever type of environment he’s in, will positively impact his overall health.

Simple shifts in your horse’s diet and supplement regime can be powerful, too.  Emphasizing whole foods and cutting processed foods is always my goal. Learning how to source the cleanest (non-GMO, fewest chemicals and sprays) hay possible in your area is another task that may seem overwhelming, but pays big dividends when it comes to your horse’s health.

More than anything, I will help you to see the big picture and how everything is connected.

Helping your horse to heal or to experience a better bond with you is not about one singular aspect of his care. For your horse to experience total health, you’ll have the opportunity to learn how to see from a larger perspective. Considering factors such as:  environment, his relationship to you and to his herd, diet, feet, teeth, tack, environment, and his purpose all go into the process of problem-solving in a truly holistic way.

Often times we forget to look at the big picture and find what is working for our horses.

We love our horses and we only want the best for them. Somehow, we focus so much on what is “broken” or in need of being “fixed.”  Your horse senses that.  He feels your doubt, your worry, and your lack of ease which creates a disconnection in the bond you share.  When we cannot see what is working well for our horse, it’s next to impossible for him to mend an injury, shift a behavior, or deepen his bond with you.

Instead, focusing on an aspect of your horse that you love, that you know is working well for him, that you feel peace around, is a place to start. Acknowledging this to your horse is powerful medicine! It shows him you’re willing to see the “positives” and that you’d like to see more of these pieces. I will help you to “go there,” to the better feeling place, and see what might be possible to help you and your horse get “un-stuck.”

I can help you get your edge back!

Oftentimes, the issues that manifest are rooted in the energetics between you and your horse.  Sometimes your horse is reflecting a disharmony in his environment which needs to be addressed.  Other times, there’s a simple miscommunication between you and your horse which is leading to confusion and tension in the relationship you share. When the foundation is “off” in this sort of relationship, nothing else seems to work. You want that feeling of synchrony and harmony you once had to come back!

Sometimes horses keep a certain behavior or unsoundness because we are stuck, too. We are often unaware of this since we’re are too close to the situation.  I am able to help you, without judgment, to learn options for your horse and just how to present those to him. Taking action with the right intention is powerful. Making a mental switch and choosing something that feels better, gives our horses permission to shift.

You want things to be normal again and for there to be peace and soundness in your bond.

With the common desire to help your horse to live a balanced, healthy and sound life, I will support you in seeing things from a fresh perspective.  When things become clearer, it’s often a sudden awareness to the owner that the original issue is really not the underlying problem!  The “original issue” is just what got our attention! It was the tip of the iceberg.

Following the trail of hints based on what your horse shows us, a plan of action becomes clear. 

Learning to understand your horse in all ways: mentally, emotionally, physically and energetically, tells your horse “I care.” Once horses know we see them, feel them, hear them, and acknowledge what they are showing us, we have all the information we need to take action. With this, we can involve the appropriate professionals and learn to speak with them from our horse’s point of view.

If you would like a better understanding of issues you’re facing with your horse and you’re ready for a fresh perspective, I’d love to help. If you’re interested in restoring and deepening your bond with your horse in the process, please contact me: